Serving the people of Corby

The Community grant fund 2023/24 is now open. A pot of £38k has been set aside for 2023/24

Community Grants of up to £2k can be requested by charities, not for profit groups and CIC's who are based in Corby only.

What are grants available for?
Corby Town Council's grants up to a value of £2,000 are available once a year. Grants are available
to any not-for-profit organisation that wishes to complete a one off project or project that will
require funding for up to a maximum or three years where normally a tapering grant contribution
will be considered. Funding for years 2 and 3 if agreed subsequently will be based on a reducing
grant with the aim of the project becoming self financing at year 4.

Who can apply to the Corby Town Council Community Grant Scheme?
Groups who:

  • are voluntary or community groups based in Corby
  • have a constitution or set or rules or equivalent
  • have a bank or building society account
  • have independently approved annual accounts
  • directly benefit the well-being of the Corby people or the environment of Corby

What type of Projects will be considered for the Community Grant Scheme?

  • Youth facilities, schemes and projects
  • Cultural and arts schemes
  • Heritage projects
  • Leisure, sports and play facilities
  • Community buildings
  • Community transport
  • Elderly and disabled
  • Sustainable Community environmental projects

Who cannot apply to the Corby Town Council community Grant Scheme?

  • Individuals
  • Organisations involved in party political activities
  • Companies who aim to make a profit
  • Statutory bodies
  • Religious groups
  • Bodies to pass on grant funding to others

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2023 10:46