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Corby Town Council declared a climate emergency in May 2021 and commits to take action to support the government's pledge towards being carbon net zero by 2030.
Corby Town Council recognises that biodiversity loss is every much as serious to our future survival as climate change – nature contributes much to our world, both in practical ecosystem service terms – carbon (sequestration), fresh-water management, soil management, air pollution control, shade, cooling and flood prevention, food plants, medicines – and also in terms of natural beauty affecting mental health and well-being.
As biodiversity loss is as serious as climate change, this council declares a nature emergency.
We will support measures to improve biodiversity, including the introduction of wild-flowering, pollinators and protection of wildlife habitats.
We commit to education in our schools on the importance of nature as part of our eco-system. We pledge to work with local community groups to facilitate the widest possible engagement of residents in Corby to enhance and protect our local wildlife.

Each committee member have made the following pledges to support the environment:

Cllr A Dalziel - To use bars of soap and to get milk delivered in glass bottles as opposed to using single use plastic containers.

Cllr M Reuby - To conserve water and to not purchase any more bags.

Cllr S Goddard - To cut red meat consumption and to have 'meat-free Mondays'

Cllr Leanne Buckingham - To continue to use a moon cup and to use bees wax wraps as opposed to sellophane

Cllr R Newby - To plant more trees and to remove tree guards.

Cllr Reilly - My pledge is to use only 'bags for life'/reusable bags when shopping in supermarkets. I have made a personal pledge to myself that I will no longer purchase any non-reusable plastic carrier bags - so far so good!

The Environment Committee have two co-opted members without voting rights, to work alongside them. There pledges are:

Paul Owen - To use soap from a local eco-friendly company to save on shower gel and to cycle more.

Ann McCarron -


  • 6th March 2023
  • 15th May 2023

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