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First Town Councillors elected

Congratulations to the seventeen people who have been elected as Town Councillors for Corby. They are:

Corby Kingswood: Peter McEwan, Anthony Dady, Lawrence Ferguson and Robert Newby

Corby Lloyds: Mark Pengelly, Lyn Buckingham, William Colquhoun, Ray Beeby and Callum Reilly

Corby Oakley: Leanne Buckingham, Simon Rielly, Seth Goddard and Tafadzwa Chikoto

Corby West: Alison Dalziel, Ross Armour, Matt Keane and Martin Reuby.

The Council will hold its first meeting on Tueday 18th May in the Council Chamber in The Cube at 7.00pm

Posted: Sat, 08 May 2021 20:32 by Clerk

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