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Kingswood School Woodlands visit

Kingswood School visit

Councillor Rob Newby was invited to give a talk to students at Kingswood School by the Unit Commander of the Emergency Service Cadets.

He reports : 'The intention was to introduce an active group of Cadets to the woodland areas adjacent to their school. After a brief background introduction and some questions we ventured off for a stroll and a litter pick. The first area we came to was the hedge around the school which had a few bottles and crisp packets and about 5000 plastic tree guards. We discussed the concept of plastic degradation and who should take responsibility and collected some litter. We then went off to the woods via a wildlife corridor and discovered a rare tree. A survey identities it as a Populus nigra var betulifolia (Black Poplar) they are rarer than the Giant Panda //tripods.stripped.outsmart. A number of students learned a great deal about the different species of trees. Hopefully this will engage more students and residents in actively following careers associated with forestry, woodlands and the environment. '

Posted: Thu, 21 Oct 2021 12:30 by Clerk

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