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Corby Town Council agrees 15p per week increase to precept

Corby Town Council agree a 15p a week increase to precept

Corby Town Council agreed to increase its precept for the coming year, which will see residents pay an extra 15 pence a week.

The decision was approved at last night's meeting of Full Council on Tuesday 17th January. It means that from April the average Band D property will pay £27.41 a year, an extra £7.78 than last year, or 15 pence a week.

Councillors debated the budget proposals for the 2023/24 financial year, before agreeing the increase to the precept. The precept refers to the town council's share of the council tax paid by residents and is used to operate the Town Council.

The council will spend the increase on new projects to enhance the lives for the people of Corby such as the first Pride event for the town and the creation of a youth council. The Town Council's grant scheme has also been increased in line with rising demand from community groups. The town's allotment sites are also likely to be transferred to the town council in 2023/4 which will see further demand on the councils resources in terms of maintenance and administration costs.

Cllr Simon Rielly, Chair of Finance & Policy Committee, which considered the draft proposals at its January meeting, said: "We do recognise these are extremely difficult times for residents and we balanced this with the need of the Council to grow. This will ensure we can meet the challenges in the coming year and will build a council for the future which is fit to serve the people of Corby."

Cllr Martyn Reuby, Deputy Leader of the Town Council and Vice Chair of Finance said " The town council is coming into it's third year and we want to be able to build and maintain events for the town such as the Spirit of Corby which brings that feeling of pride in the town. Corby is one of the largest towns in the county and we have ambitions to make it the best town council in the country. This budget reflects the priorities of the people of Corby."

Posted: Wed, 18 Jan 2023 16:12 by Clerk

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