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Town Councillors hear of Foodbank's work

Town Councillors hear of Foodbank's work

Corby Town Councillors have heard about the vital work for the community by volunteers at the town's Foodbank.

The facility's manager, Martin Langford, gave a presentation at the Full Council meeting held on Tuesday September 12th.

Councillors heard that in an average year the town's foodbank receives donations totalling 30,000 kilos and in 2020 some 50,000 kilos were donated.

However, Martin says use of the Foodbank is growing year-on-year and a reached a record high in 2022.

The main reason for people being referred to the Foodbank is low income, hence, the launch of the Trussell Trust's "Guarantee Our Essentials" campaign. More details on this can be found at Guarantee our essentials - The Trussell Trust

Currently a standard toiletries pack is given to all service users and there is also a growing need for pet food.

With the Harvest Festival and Christmas donation periods fast approaching, Martin added they will be on the lookout for volunteers to join their team, with the Foodbank operating every Monday and Friday at St Peter and St Andrew's Church on Beanfield Avenue.

More details on the Corby Foodbank can be found at their Facebook page.

Posted: Tue, 19 Sep 2023 14:22 by Clerk

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